the shop that must
not be named

The owners of York’s first Harry Potter themed retail shop ‘The Shop That Must Not Be Named‘ set on the historic street ‘The Shambles’, needed their expansion into the next door unit to be unique, quirky, functional and extraordinary.

UD were on hand to design and create amazing pieces of vintage look furniture with a magical twist.

All pieces were bespoke, hand crafted by our joinery team and finished using scenic art wood graining techniques to create these one off displays that certainly give a wow factor. Cupboards that look like drawers, a till unit fit for Olivander’s wand shop, house units made especially with the stock in mind and a spectacular wand window display which is both breathtakingly clever and functional for the staff. And of course those little extras to add the UD touch including interesting signage, fun interactive broomstick stands and a starry night sky ceiling mural to finish things off. Now award winning, this really is a shop that must be seen!