london science museum space shuttle

Unconventional Design had the pleasure and privilege to design, develop and build a major exhibit for what will be a worldwide touring exhibition, being initially staged within the Science Museum in central London, titled ‘Voyage To The Edge of Imagination’.

We were contracted by Elmwood Projects, who are based in Glasgow, to build a fantasy Space Shuttle which acted as the gateway exhibit into the exhibition.

The ‘Shuttle’ had to look and be themed as if to represent the journey of a man type craft which transported passengers and cargo around the universe. Within the ‘Shuttle’ lighting and high end audio visual equipment had to be incorporated to enhance and importantly convey the attraction to the visitors.

The major challenge for us was to ensure we met the brief of the exhibit, for it to be easily dismantled and reassembled in future venues around the world and importantly for all the component parts not to exceed a specific size requirement, to enable them to be packed into specifically sized crates for shipping. We are very glad to say we fulfilled the brief very much to the end clients vision and expectations.