lane 7 - edinburgh

Unconventional Design were awarded the contract to design and build a 14 hole indoor golf course for the very successful chain, Lane 7 who have indoor dining and entertainment venues throughout the country.

We worked closely with the senior management team to develop their ideas into a pleasingly visual indoor golfing experience that had to be installed within an already functional venue in the centre of Edinburgh.

So the challenges we had to face were quite demanding, in that we had to not only coordinate, deliver and transport all of the course components within a major shopping centre in the middle of Edinburgh but then had to install the course, without any major disruption to the clients who would be in the venue  during our time on site, enjoying the other attractions that Lane 7 offer.

The course itself had to be situated within a very confined footprint and as such was designed to compromise of six large island units within which several holes and a practice putting area were incorporated. LED lighting was included to enhance the course along with an abundance of artificial planting and trees. Coloured graphics were fitted to the interior walls of the course to bring further vibrancy.

We also were asked to include playable holes that were unique to Lane 7, one of which represented a retro pinball machine, on a very large scale, which required within the build elaborate electronics and sensors to be incorporated, needed to create the overall aesthetic and playability of the hole. The course, we are glad to say was very well received by our client and is proving to be an extremely popular part of Lanes7’s Edinburgh venue experience.