archbishops holgate school
year 11 common room

We were approached by Mac construction and invited to tender for the refurbishment of the year 11 common room at Archbishops Holgate School in York.

We were successful with our tender and the client welcomed our fresh designs helping lift a somewhat dark and worn out space into a vibrant, colourful and functional space. Using sketch up designs to help visualise the proposed space we were able to help our clients see exactly what we were going to deliver.  Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we had to work under strict guidelines and also help deliver a space that could accommodate social distancing and plenty of outside seating.

Using a colour palate to compliment the school’s branding, the design includes the installation of a bespoke seating area made using OSB in a recycled shipping container, a mass of bespoke bench seating and tables, servery area and bar seating area. We wanted to be clever with the use of standard strip lighting and a suspension ceiling so added subtle changes with layout and added a colourful geometric pattern design to help make the ordinary stand out and be unconventional.

We delivered ahead of schedule, on budget and the client team are delighted.